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Petersen Engineering has moved to a new address: 8902 Vincennes Circle, Suite F / Indianapolis, IN 46268

Zero lost-time accidents and zero releases is the goal for all pipeline and midstream operating companies. These same companies are also being tasked to complete more projects in a shorter timeframe. Their goals need to be achieved with fewer resources. Petersen Engineering has the experienced resources to complement our clients' in-house staffs to achieve these multiple goals.

Petersen Engineering, Inc. (PEI) is a team of pipeline engineers and designers with experience and expertise in developing projects from concept to completion for liquid and gas pipeline operators throughout the U.S. Projects range in size from a few thousand dollars to projects with a constructed value of over fifty million dollars.

Some of our specialties include engineering & design for both pipelines and meter stations, integrity management, project/construction management, permitting, pipeline relocation, inspection, and cost estimating. Whether your need involves an entire project or just a singular aspect of a project, we can provide the consulting help you need.

PEI's vision is to provide engineering expertise that adds significant value to our clients in the pipeline industry.

8902 Vincennes Circle, Suite F / Indianapolis, IN 46268 / ph 317-217-1701